Indoor hammock images

Here are a Ton of indoor hammock images:

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Hammocks I have known: Rooftop Desert

The highest point in the valley, the Borrego Air Ranch, just outside Borrego Springs, California. This is at the top of the airplane hangar that was my fantasy home for a year or so.

It was an amazing experience to lie in this hammock at night, clear in the desert air, with sky down to the horizon in every direction.  It was like floating in orbit.

New Official T-shirt for FastMikie's Fun House

I just bought this neat hammock t-shirt on Amazon, and then I found two others kinda like it...

So now there are three great shirts and only one can be the Official T-shirt for FastMikie's Fun House. These tough decisions are wearing me out. I should think about it for a while in my hammock... :)

Indoor hammock era begins

Two years ago, in the great re-invention of Michael McCafferty, I ditched the outdoor deck area single-wide hammock and put in a table and two chairs to replace it. It was a practical move. I could have outdoor business meetings in the previous hammock space. That left me with no hammock at all.  It was horrible...

I just couldn't take it anymore.  The idea of an indoor hammock has been rattling around in my head for many years. Finally, after an excruciating period of hammock deprivation, I splurged on this Pawley's Island double-wide from Amazon.

Installed diagonally in the space so that it is easier to watch TV without the hammock getting in the way.

Rope hammocks look great, but the TV remotes, phone, and other stuff easily slip through the holes. :(

The hammock is installed with anchors screwed into the wall studs, so there is no stand to take up space and get in the way. It's easy to remove by simply unhooking the ends from the anchors.

Pawleys Island Hammocks Large Original Cotton Rope Hammock

  • Heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel hardware is included for installation and hanging
  • Solid oak spreader bars for premium durability and strength
  • Durable woven bed has a double-latch construction adding more rope for greater comfort and strength
  • Accommodates 2 people and has a 450 pound weight capacity
  • 55-inch x 82-inch body, 13 feet long, Stand not included