Software Pioneer hurt in sudden Hammock Failure.

According to news sources who covered the event, "Ow, that hurts" were the first words he uttered after the hammock he was testing gave way without warning.

The night-before-Easter accident took place in the seaside home of Michael McCafferty, Del Mar, California. 

Here are the victim's own words:


"That was my first thought when I heard the loud metallic snap. I thought the heavy steel screw anchor had come out of the wall stud. While I'm thinking this my head is falling backward and down, my butt hits first, then my head hits the floor last, like instantly and all simultaneously...

"I don't know how long I was out, or even if I did lose consciousness. I probably wasn't very conscious before it happened, because, well, I was totally chillin' in the hammock and had been there for at least an hour before the Big Surprise.

"The cause of the failure was determined to be recent changes to the support rope knots and metal eyelet. The work was performed by a handyman (name withheld) who professed experience with knots. It ultimately comes down to my own fault, of course, because I approved the work, but then only after several live tests by the handyman who weighs more than i do."

McCafferty has extensive hammock testing experience, starting over 25 years ago when he sold his software company, which developed and marketed the first CRM software product, called TeleMagic. He authors the blog "Hammock Therapy" (
which is dedicated to the proposition that Time in a Hammock is not deducted from one's Lifetime. Which seems ironic in view of recent events.

Repairs are underway and normal hammocking is expected to resume in a few days.

McCafferty was not rushed to emergency care, saying he was "no girly man crybaby, and this wasn't the first and won't be the last life threatening event in my relentless pursuit of hedonist perfection..."

He remains in guarded condition, and is being looked in on frequently by friends and neighbors, which is another source of vexation to the reclusive and devastatingly handsome polymath.

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