Hammocks I have known: MFH #4a

Mikie's Fun House version 4.0 has a narrow balcony with barely enough space for this single place hammock.  It was made with a loosely woven cotton thread and wore out rather quickly.  The hammock stand was all metal and rusted quickly, but as a wise man once observed:  "any hammock is better than no hammock".

This is a place where I have spent many pleasurable hours.
Some special nights I fall asleep here,
to the sounds of the surf,
while watching the stars drift through the sky.

I have solved many of the world's problems here,
and then I go to sleep
only to forget the solutions when I wake up!

After the first hammock wore out, I replaced it with a canvas model which has proven much more durable (made in Honduras).  I had to do some inventing to build a hammock support which was not in the way, underneath the hammock, and was not attached to the new metal railing (a requirement of the homeowner association rules).  See hammock video clip below:

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