Hammocks I have known: MFH #2

Mikie's Fun House, version 2.0, there was a place of honor reserved for the hammock, next to the pool, shaded by two young trees, in a bed of flowering plants.  Private, quiet, warm, comfortable... what more can you want?

I once lay in this hammock and watched a couple of new hummingbirds take their first flights, and it all happened just a couple of feet away from my face!  It was a most extraordinary event.

It seems that when you are lying in a hammock good things happen.

The hammock stand was a discovery in a Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog, probably in '92-93.  The simplicity and elegance of it really hit me.  It was a must-have.
The rope hammock is made by Pawley's Island.  You can get one from Amazon.com at this link.

Product Features

Color: Oatmeal
  • Hand-woven DuraCord rope hammock offers the comfort of cotton
  • Superior outdoor durability with solution-dyed color-fastness
  • Wood stretcher bars hand-dipped in multiple coats of marine varnish
  • Includes zinc-plated steel hanging hardware for tree installation
  • Measures 55 by 82 inches with overall length of 13 feet

It was a great party hammock.  Who doesn't like a hammock?  Here's evidence:


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